Friday, 9 May 2014

Croesus Retail Trust - Chart analysis

I have been watching Croesus Retail Trust for some time, and have gradually increased my positions

Since my last post on 28 Feb ( Analysis of Croesus Retail Trust),the counter is moving out of its narrow trading range. At end April, it started to move upward with elevated trading volume of two trading days. Now, the 50, 100, 200 MA all turns up simultaneously. The B-band is opening mouth. KDJ looks like to be in over-bought region, but it's not a problem when price is moving on upward trend. The technical indicators certainly looks optimistic. 

CRT will announce its last Quarter's financial results in next week. If the result meets or exceeds expectation, it is interesting to see if the price can break its resistance of 0.93, which is also the IPO price incidentally. With its current yield of over 8%, the counter presents local investors an exceptional exposure to the wakening Japan property markets.

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