Thursday, 14 November 2013

REITs Insider Trading by Mapletree CEO ( MIT, MLT and MGCCT)

DateCounterShares (K)InsiderAction
21-Oct-13MLT220HIEW YOON KHONGAcquisition
23-Oct-13MIT200HIEW YOON KHONGAcquisition
4-Nov-13MGCCT270HIEW YOON KHONGAcquisition

Over two weeks period, Hiew Yoon Khong, CEO of Mapletree Investment, raised his stakes in all REITs from Mapletree family except MCT.

The price level of his entry is 0.93 for MGCCT, 1.37 for MIT, and 1.09 for MLT. But more interesting part about the transaction is the timing. Is now the good time to load on more REITs? Some would think that REITs price has reached stabilisation now, some would think REITs price will go weaker over next few months, or even fall again before finally stabilising.

Maybe the best strategy for now is to hold chips tight and build up positions gradually as "in the falling trend, only last trade is immediately right, and in the rising trend, only the last trade is immediately wrong." Patience is the virtue needed for the current market situation. Patience can help us not to buy prematurely, and not to sell at distressed price. Christmas is coming near, this is a time for rest, family reunion and sometime for self-reflection.

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  1. Everyone sell he buys. He is a Contrarian and follows warren buffett?


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